Iame X30 Super Shifter 175CC Compleet

€ 5.050,00

Technische gegevens:
model: X30 Super Shifter 175cc
description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
class: 175cc Gearbox Stock Class
bore: Ø 63,92mm
max-bore: Ø 64,04mm
stroke: 54,40mm
displacement: 174, 56cc
ports: 5
inlet-system: Reed Valve
lubrication: Oil mixture
ignition-system: Digital
transmission: 6 Speed Gearbox
cooling-system: Water
balancer-shaft: –
starter: Electric
carb-model: Dell’Orto VHSB 36 RD
max-power: 49 Hp
max-torque: 27 Nm
max-rpm-limit: 14.150 RPM
Digital electronic ignition with O 36mm rotor and battery charger
Electronic box with RPM limiter
H.T. coil on damping spacers
Electrical kit assembly with starter key and SSR relay
Electrical components support
NGK BR 10 EG sparkplug with resistive sparkplug cap
Dellorto VHSH 36 RD carb. with rubber fitting
Reed group conveyor machined from full
Vacuum fuel pump with support plate and damping spacers
Z17 chain sprocket
Precision casted exhaust fitting with fixing springs
Homologated exhaust system (10 segments) with tail pipe
Universal fixing plate machined from full, with clamps