€ 670,00

Kosmic Driver Overall, OMP 2022

Kosmic Driver Overall in the new 2022 design. The driver's suit will simulate the graphics of the chassis and it looks so good! The color white is now in the front and the bag, and included the Kosmic logo, which completes the design.
Well done Kosmic Kart and OTK Kart Group. 

The design is characterized by the graphic elements that keeps and respects the colors of the Kosmic Kart.
Besides the design there's some new techical properties. 
- Less stitches which gives the driver better comfort. 
- Inner kneepads which protects the knees against the fuel tank.
- New inserts under the armpit and other inserts that gives evne better ventilation.
- New form, the belt is gone, a smaller collar and a new shape for the ankle to secure better comfort.